"The Strategy Bridge"

Thoughts on Colin Gray’s Strategy Bridge

Williamson Murray
Marine Corps University, Quantico, Virginia
United States of America

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About The Author

Professor Williamson Murray has taught at a number of academic and military institutions, including the Air War College, the United States Military Academy, and the Naval War College. He has also served as a consultant with the Institute of Defense Analyses, where he worked on the Iraqi Perspectives Project and he was the Harold K. Johnson Professor of Military History at the US Army War College. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including among others, War Strategy and Military Effectiveness (Cambridge University Press), and Military Adaptation in War, With Fear of Change (Cambridge University Press). Professor Murray retired from Ohio State University as Professor Emeritus of History, and he has just completed a two-year stint as a Minerva Fellow at the Naval War College and is at present serving as an adjunct professor at the Marine Corps University.

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Murray, Williamson, “Thoughts on Colin Gray’s Strategy Bridge”, Infinity Journal, The Strategy Bridge Special Edition, March 2014, pages 4-7.