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Infinity Journal Volume 6, Issue 4

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    New journal name announcement

    12th November 2019

    Dear subscribers, Infinity Journal will become "Military Strategy Magazine" (MSM) in the coming months. All past IJ editions will still be available online, and will be a part of MSM. We will simply start the new publication where we left off - Volume 7, Issue No 1. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will soon be sending an email to everyone about this change.

    The newest issue of Infinity Journal is out

    12th November 2019

    Volume 6, Issue No. 4 is available for download (PDF), or you can read it online.

    The newest issue of Infinity Journal is out

    12th November 2016

    Volume 5, Issue No. 3 is available for download (PDF), or read it online.

    New IJ is out!

    1st June 2016

    Volume 5, Issue No. 2 is available for download, or read it online.

    New issue of Infinity Journal is out

    4th December 2015

    Infinity Journal Volume 5, Issue 1 is available for download. 6 new articles by experts on strategy. Enjoy!

    New IJ Exclusive Article

    14th September 2014

    Don't miss the newest IJ Exclusive article by Israel Air Force Lt Col (Res) Ron Tira on "Operation Protective Edge"

    New ISSN number for all IJ issues

    2nd August 2014

    Note: we have added our ISSN number to all issues of Infinity Journal. Please add when citing the journal.

    New Issue of IJ is now online!

    19th June 2014

    Enjoy Volume 4, Issue No. 1 of Infinity Journal. 6 new and insightful articles on strategy!

    Important: 5,000 word maximum for articles

    9th June 2014

    Infinity Journal now offers writers a 5,000-word maximum for articles.

    New IJ Editorial Panel Member

    25th March 2014

    We are proud to announce that Nathan K. Finney is the newest member of Infinity Journal’s Editorial Panel. We have no doubt that Nathan will be a huge asset to Infinity Journal’s mission: education in strategy.

    New Special Edition is online!

    24th March 2014

    IJ's newest Special Edition, "The Strategy Bridge" is now available. Featuring articles by Williamson Murray, James Wirtz, Antulio Echevarria, David Betz, Nathan K. Finney, and Jeremy Black.

    New Issue of IJ is available! Winter 2014

    12th February 2014

    Enjoy the newest issue of Infinity Journal - Vol. 3, Issue. No. 4, winter 2014. With a Featured Article by Colin S. Gray.

    New Special Edition coming in March

    12th February 2014

    Get ready for IJ's newest Special Edition coming in March. Featuring articles by Williamson Murray, James Wirtz, Antulio Echevarria and more...

    New Special Edition coming soon...

    28th November 2013

    Infinity Journal is soon to release a republication of specific articles in an important IJ Special Edition titled, "War & Strategy: Back to Basics". Stay tuned....

    Infinity Journal authors win award

    8th November 2013

    Dan G. Cox, Thomas Bruscino & Alex Ryan, the authors of “Why Hybrid Warfare is Tactics Not Strategy: A Rejoinder to ‘Future Threats and Strategic Thinking’” (Vol. 2, Issue No. 2, Spring 2012) have won the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College Silver Pen Award

    New Issue of IJ is available!

    7th October 2013

    Infinity Journal's Volume 3, Issue No. 3 is now available. Simply log in to enjoy all of the newest articles. If you have any questions or concerns, simply send an email to:

    Review of IJ Vol 3 Issue No. 3

    3rd October 2013

    The Barefoot Strategist strikes again with a great pre-review of the upcoming Issue No. 3 of Infinity Journal. Don't miss what he has to say. Volume 3, Issue 3 is coming soon...

    Issue 3, Volume 2 Coming Soon

    15th September 2013

    Issue 3, Volume 3 of Infinity Journal is coming soon. Expect articles by: A deployed military strategist (anonymous), as well as articles by Patrick Porter, Antulio J. Echevarria II, Nathan K. Finney, Dimitrios Machairas, and Troy Smith Don’t miss Issue 2, Volume 3 with articles on Strategic Culture, Centers of Gravity, Strategy and Cyberpower, and many more.

    Infinity Journal's Volume 3, Issue No. 2 has launched

    17th June 2013

    Volume 3, Issue No. 2 has launched! Topics range from 'strategic culture', to Israeli and Hamas' strategy, and Hamas' centers of gravity to strategy and cyberpower, strategic education for junior officers, to Obama's 2009 Afghan Surge and Strategy Enjoy the latest issue of Infinity Journal. No cost, No paper, No Hassles.

    Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF)

    27th April 2013

    Don't miss the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), which "brings together the brightest Military and Civilian minds to share and promote innovation. Join us for three days where you will interact with an elite group of entrepreneurs, military veterans, and industry leaders to promote innovation within the military" Learn more about DEF at:

    New IJ Brief online

    28th March 2013

    The newest IJ Brief - on the importance of clarity in terminology in Politics, War, and Strategy - is available on the IJ Briefs section on Infinity New briefs will be posted as often as possible.

    Volume 3, Issue 1 is available

    11th March 2013

    Infinity Journal's Volume 3, Issue 1 is available. You can download the PDF for offline reading or read the digital edition online. Enjoy articles ranging from Clausewitz and Connectivity to Grand Strategy.

    Edward Luttwak Joins Infinity Journal

    6th December 2012

    Edward N. Luttwak - American strategist, author and security and defense consultant - joins Infinity Journal's Editorial Advisory Panel.

    Issue No. 4 (Vol. 2) is live

    1st November 2012

    Infinity Journal's Issue No. 4 (Volume 2) is now live. Excellent articles Lukas Milevski, Nathan K. Finney, Emile Simpson, James Kiras, Greg Fontenot and Kevin Benson, and Albert Palazzo. Remember that you can read the digital edition online, download our specially designed PDF, or read each individual article on the site.

    Special Edition Correction

    16th October 2012

    Dear Members, We have made a correction to Eado Hecht's article "Israeli Strategy in the First Lebanon War" in the IJ Special Edition "Strategic Misfortunes". The latest article is the correct version.

    Profile Pages

    13th October 2012

    Be sure to take a few moments and fill in your profile pages on the new Infinity Journal website.

    New site, New Special Edition!

    9th October 2012

    IJ members, we are pleased to present you with Infinity Journal's new website, and a new Special Edition, "Strategic Misfortunes" - Enjoy!

    New IJ Special Edition - Coming Soon

    22nd September 2012

    Infinity Journal will soon release its second Special Edition, "Strategic Misfortunes". Writers include, Colin S. Gray, Antulio Echevarria, Eado Hecht, and more. Stay tuned...

    Strategy and Small Wars Journal

    7th September 2012

    Small Wars Journal (SWJ) contains articles on a mélange of subjects related to small wars but it is also a very good resource for articles specifically on the theory and practice of Strategy - and that should be of great interest to IJ members. 
    If you are looking for articles (both past and current) on Strategy, SWJ is recommended. Click here to visit SWJ.

    The Journal of Military Operations

    6th August 2012

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our sister publication The Journal of Military Operations.

    Issue 1 is available now from

    Coming soon...

    14th June 2012

    Issue No. 3 to include “The Foundation of Strategic Thinking”, “Living in a Mahanian World”, and “Taking Maneuverer and Attrition out of Strategy”

    Plus many more…stay tuned!  

    New IJ Exclusive by Lt. Col. (Res.) Ron Tira on the US and Iran

    17th May 2012

    Don't miss the new IJ Exclusive article by Lt. Col. Ron Tira, "Yes They Can: The US Can Prevent Iran from Acquiring the A-Bomb." Click here to read the article.  

    Coming Soon: An all new look & feel to Infinity Journal

    30th April 2012

    We are working hard to bring you a new and improved Infinity Journal, with a new look & feel, new sections, and more functionality. Stay tuned for more... 

    New IJ Editorial Advisory Panel members

    21st April 2012

    Welcome three new members to IJ's Editorial Advisory Panel - Gur Laish, Hugh Smith, and C. Dale Walton.

    Read more about Panel members here

    The IJ Loop - Coming Soon

    21st April 2012

    Coming soon: The IJ Loop - a new section that will bring you closer into the Strategy community. 

    More details to come... 

    IAF Col. (Ret) Gur Laish - Newest IJ Board Member

    7th April 2012

    It is our great pleasure to welcome Israel Air Force Colonel (Ret) Gur Laish as the newest member of Infinity Journal's Editorial Board. You can read more about Gur by clicking here

    Issue No. 2 (Volume 2) Coming Soon....

    25th March 2012

    Feature article by Colin S. Gray: "Strategy: Some Notes for a User’s Guide"

    T.X. Hammes: "Offshore Control: A Proposed Strategy"

    Frank G. Hoffman: "The Myth of the Post-Power Projection Era"

    Gur Laish: "The Amorites Iniquity – A Comparative Analysis of the Israeli and Hamas Strategies in Gaza."

    Dan G. Cox, Thomas Bruscino, Alex Ryan: "Why Hybrid Warfare is Tactics Not Strategy: A Rejoinder to 'Future Threats and Strategic Thinking'”

    Bruce Fleming: "Military Self-Definition as Strategy."

    Coming soon to Infinity Journal

    Clausewitz and Contemporary Conflict is online

    25th March 2012

    ‎"Clausewitz and Contemporary Conflict" - an IJ Special Edition is now available in Infinity Journal.
    The Special Edition features...
    An introduction by A.E. Stahl and articles by Antulio Echevarria, Hugh Smith, David Kaiser, Beatrice Heuser, William F. Owen, and Adam Elkus. 

    A total of 6 new perspectives on Clausewitz.

    New IJ Exclusive Article

    8th February 2012

    New IJ Exclusive by Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Douglas Macgregor on 'Fiscal Reality and the American Way of War'. Click here to access the full article.  

    Coming in 2012

    3rd January 2012

    All of us at IJ hope you enjoyed the holiday season. To bring a bit more joy to the New Year, here's what you can expect from us in 2012....
    1. An all new and improved IJ website
    2. Articles by Colin Gray, Frank Hoffman, T.X. Hammes, Bruce Fleming, among many, many others
    3. IJ Special Edition - Clausewitz and Contemporary Conflict
    4. A very unique way to improve your networking capabilities for those interested in War and Strategy

    We also have a few extras up our sleeves....stay tuned for 2012! 

    Issue 1, Volume 2 is now available

    19th December 2011

    Issue 1, Volume 2 of Infinity Journal is now available online. Simply click here to download the PDF or read the digital edition.  

    Coming soon...

    10th December 2011

    Coming soon to Infinity Journal


    The first issue of Volume 2; the first IJ Special Edition on "Clausewitz and Contemporary Conflict"; and a whole new look and feel to the IJ website. 

    Vol. 2, Issue 1 lineup announced.

    2nd December 2011

    Here's the lineup for the upcoming IJ Issue...and it's a great one! 

    1. Anthony Cordesman

    2. C. Dale Walton

    3. Adam Elkus

    4. Danny Steed

    5. Simon Anglim

    6. Lukas Milevski

    Stay tuned for more details....


    In the meantime, enjoy Issue #4

    Issue No. 4 lineup Announced!

    10th July 2011

    Infinity Journal's 4th Issue will launch on Monday 12 September


    The 4th Issue lineup:


    1. Colin S. Gray
    2. Edward N. Luttwak
    3. Frank Hoffman
    4. Kobi Michael
    5. M.L.R. Smith 
    6. Gur Laish


    In the meantime, enjoy Issue No. 3 

    New IJ Exclusive by Adam Elkus

    28th June 2011

    Click here to read the newest IJ Exclusive by Adam Elkus on Mexican cartels and Strategy 

    New IJ Exclusive by Martin van Creveld

    23rd June 2011

    Click here to read Martin van Creveld's IJ Exclusive article on airpower and the war in Libya 

    Issue No. 3 now available

    20th June 2011

    Infinity Journal's Issue No. 3 is now available. Enjoy articles by Martin van Creveld, T.X. Hammes, Justin Kelly, Gian Gentile, Patrick Porter, and David Betz.  

    3rd issue lineup announced

    25th April 2011

    Upcoming articles by Martin Van Creveld, T.X. Hammes, Gian Gentile, Justin Kelly, Patrick Porter, and David Betz.  

    New IJ Exclusive - The UK, Strategy and Libya

    6th April 2011

    Click here to read Dr. Patrick Porter's IJ Exclusive: Lost in Libya: The UK does not understand strategy

    IJ Exclusives

    2nd April 2011

    Infinity Journal has opened a new section — IJ Exclusives. New articles to be uploaded soon. To learn more, simply click here

    Issue No. 2 is available

    24th March 2011

    The 2nd Issue of IJ is now available. Simply download the journalzine in PDF format or read our digital edition online. Visit this page for more information

    Submission Guidelines now in 7 languages

    6th March 2011

    Infinity Journal now offers our Submission Guidelines in 7 languages. Articles must be submitted in English - but it is our hope is that if English is not your native language, important details about what to write (and what not to write) will now be clearer to you. 

    2nd Issue coming soon...

    10th February 2011

     A sneak peak at what’s coming soon to Infinity Journal: A look at war’s logic and grammar; cyber power and strategy; The Israel Defense Force and learning from others; Special Forces and strategy; Countering Armed Rebellion; and Exiting Afghanistan. Stay tuned… 

    New IJ Group members

    25th January 2011

    Please welcome our newest additions to the IJ Group: Professor Colin S. Gray, Dr. Antulio J. Echevarria II., and Dr. Eitan Shamir. You can read more about the IJ Group at the bottom of the About Infinity page.  

    Happy Holidays

    23rd December 2010

    All of us at IJ want to wish you happy holidays and a great new year!

    "About Infinity" Page

    10th December 2010

    We are proud to offer our "About IJ" page in a number of other languages: English, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Italian, and Spanish. More lanugages will be added soon. 

    New endorsements

    9th December 2010

    IJ has received official support from Colin S. Gray, T.X. Hammes, and John Mackinlay. See what they all have to say about IJ... 

    Join Infinity Journal on Facebook

    4th December 2010

    Be sure to join us on our new Facebook page. We'll keep you up-to-date on current and upcoming articles, as well as other features on IJ. 

    Click here to join IJ Facebook

    Upcoming articles

    14th November 2010

    Colin S. Gray, Martin Van Creveld, Antullio Echevarria, T.X. Hammes, Eitan Shamir and more 

    Two new sections on Infinity Journal

    4th September 2010

    IJ's staff has handpicked essential strategy-centric links to websites and readings, including books, articles and reports. Some books and articles are 'classics', while others are more contemporary, all of which will no doubt bring you right into the heart of strategy. Simply click to visit the Links and Readings pages.


    20th August 2010

    IJ will be a peer-reviewed, quarterly-published journalzine dedicated to 'strategy'. Are you up for the challenge? Send us your ideas! 

    Free subscriptions

    20th August 2010

    Sign up with Infinity Journal today! Membership is free, which includes full access to all articles, private networking and more. You will be able to view the journalzine online in our digital format or you can choose to have the journalzine delivered right to your inbox.

    No cost, no paper, no hassles. 

    Private Networking with Search & Connect

    20th August 2010


    Infinity Journal has released ‘Search & Connect’ (S&C). S&C is all about private networking and we’ve just made it easier for you to connect IJ members. Search, send a PM and begin building your global network. While profiles are visible to all members, the networks that you build remain private. 

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