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About Infinity Journal

Welcome to Infinity Journal

A Publication on Strategy


Please Note: We strongly recommend that all of our subscribers and future writers, whether newcomers or veterans to strategy and strategic thought, take a few moments to read the IJ Brief, entitled “What is Strategy?”. This IJ Brief will clarify how (and why) Infinity Journal views strategy.


Infinity Journal (IJ), a publication of The IJ Infinity Group, Ltd (company number 514895630) is a free, peer-reviewed publication concerned with strategy as a consequence of consciously linking Policy Ends, Strategic Ways, and Military Means. We are interested in discussions about strategy at any level — be it the nature of strategy or the conduct of campaigns — and as regards any dimension—from nuclear weapons to cyber-power. We are as concerned with the theory as much as with the practice of strategy, whether across cultures, across history, or as a way ahead.


Because, in our view, “strategy never stops,” Infinity Journal aims to make the discussion of strategy accessible, to advance the field of strategy as a discipline, and to exchange insights into how and why it succeeds, or fails.


We are multidisciplinary in our approach, giving equal time to academics and practitioners. We think the nexus between theory and practice is underdeveloped. We see Infinity Journal as one of the key mediums for remedying that. We invite participation in any form and from any quarter, provided it is open-minded. All submissions to the journal are critically reviewed before being published.


Infinity Journal's Editorial Advisory Panel consists of accomplished practitioners as well as distinguished academics. They have decades of experience teaching, developing, and implementing strategy at all levels, both in the government and private sectors.


Infinity Journal is a private venture, and is not affiliated with any government or institution. You may contact us at any time via email or post.


All information regarding article submissions can be found on our submission guidelines page. You may contact the Publisher of the Editor if you have any questions related to article submissions.


Please note: Infinity Journal is not a foreign policy or international relations publication. We are a peer-reviewed strategy publication.