Frequently Asked Questions



  • What is Infinity Journal?

    We suggest clicking on the button that says "About Infinity" (navigation bar above). But, in the spirit of succinctness, IJ is a free peer-reviewed publication dedicated to the study and discussion of strategy. Our intent is to assist in greater awareness, as well as a better understanding and education of what strategy is, to whom and how it is being applied, how and why it is created, how it works, or why it fails. All articles are written in accessible language, so as to reach as wide an audience as possible. Infinity Journal is a product of The IJ Infinity Group (Company Number: 514895630)

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  • Is Infinity Journal Peer-Reviewed?

    Yes. Infinity Journal uses a double-blind external peer-review process (articles are sent without the author's name or location to two external reviewers; and authors do not know the identity of reviewers). Following the external review process, there is also an internal review process, undertaken by the Editor. If an article calls for amendments to be made via recommendations from reviewers, then the article is sent back to the writer for amendments, which must be made within 3-5 days.

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  • Can I contact Infinity Journal by post?

    Yes. You may contact Infinity Journal by post at:

    The IJ Infinity Group, Ltd.
    Ha'Nevi'im Street 26/3

    Tel Aviv, Israel

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  • Do all submitted articles go for peer-review?

    Not necessarily. Upon receiving an article, if the Editor of Infinity Journal immediately identifies that the article is not about Strategy or is highly problematic in another area, we will not send it for external peer-review. The writer will be notified as soon as possible with comments/suggestions.

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  • Can Infinity Journal override the external peer-reviewers' decision?

    The Editor of Infinity Journal ultimately decides what is and is not to be published. The Editor, in highly specific and often rare cases, has the power to override the decisions of external reviewers.

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  • Why do I need to register to access content on Infinity Journal's website?

    As a free strategy publication, Infinity Journal relies on subscribers. Growing registration is what allows us to continue producing the publication. Registration takes less than two minutes.

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  • Is my personal information public or private?

    Your information is private. Infinity Journal will not make your name or email address public. Only you can make that information known to others, should you choose to do so.

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  • Can I post the Infinity Journal's articles or full editions on other websites?

    No. As stated in our Disclaimer, Infinity Journal is solely distributed through its official website. It may not be shared through other websites as a whole or in any part. As a free publication, this is key to maintaining our existence. Membership, which is free, is required.

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  • Can I republish my article in another publication?

    Explicit permission given by Infinity Journal's Publisher must be granted to the author for the republication of any article, in any form. The decision for republication is solely left to the discretion of Infinity Journal. Each writer agrees to this upon submission of articles to Infinity Journal.

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  • What is Infinity Journal's stance on issues of copyright?

    As a peer-reviewed Strategy publication offered to the reader in three digital formats, we are breaking some new ground here. Our stance is, for the most part, the same as other peer-reviewed journals. However, given how we distribute the publication, we have some unique issues. Subscribers of Infinity Journal must take Infinity Journal's 'Disclaimer' and 'Terms & Conditions' very seriously.

    If you have questions regarding copyright issues, simply send an email to Infinity Journal's Publisher, A.E. Stahl -

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  • Why are there no forums or discussion boards on Infinity Journal’s website?

    In our experience, as well as a result of research, we have found that online discussion boards, forums, and the like are not very effective in providing insight and guidance. Ineffectiveness and lack of guidance of course, runs counter to the essence of Infinity Journal. Quite often the result is that discussions become politicized, partial, and even personal, which detracts from serious discourse on strategy.

    While Infinity Journal has a very informative and user-friendly website, the whole idea behind the initiative is for us to offer you a publication that aims to inform, educate, and hopefully influence. We do allow interaction via proper Letters to the Editor or rebuttals to articles in which one may comment about any article - either to praise or criticize or both, and we hope you will take advantage of this feature.

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