Clausewitz & Contemporary Conflict

Ends, Ways, Means: Clausewitz and Other Prophets

Beatrice Heuser
SPEIR, University of Reading, United Kingdom
DEPA, University of Paris (St Denis), France

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About The Author

Beatrice Heuser holds the Chair in International Relations at the University of Reading. She did her DPhil at Oxford with Michael Howard and Adam Roberts, and her Habilitation in Marburg with the late Peter Krüger. She previously taught at King’s College London Department of War Studies. She is the author of Nuclear Strategies and Forces for NATO (1997); Nuclear Mentalities? (1998); Reading Clausewitz (2002); The Evolution of Strategy (2010); and The Strategy Makers: Thoughts on War and Society from Machiavelli to Clausewitz (2010). She is currently visiting professor at the University of Paris 8 (St Denis).

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Heuser, Beatrice, “Ends, Ways, Means: Clausewitz and Other Prophets”, Infinity Journal Special Edition, Clausewitz and Contemporary Conflict, February 2012, pages 16-19.