International Relations in Professional Military Education

Teaching IR at Sandhurst: Blended Learning through an Integrated Approach

An Jacobs
Department of Defence and International Affairs, Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, UK

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About The Author

Before joining the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst as a Senior Lecturer almost two years ago, Dr. An Jacobs worked two years in Kosovo as a Political Advisor for the EU Rule of Mission. Prior to this she worked for the Center for Security Studies in Switzerland on EU foreign policy and EU-Africa relations, carrying out out field research in Africa. She has a PhD on the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU (CSDP) and her current research interest include operational aspects of CSDP, exit strategies, SSR, EU-Kosovo relations, African security issues and EU engagement in Africa.

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Jacobs, An, “Teaching IR at Sandhurst: Blended Learning through an Integrated Approach,” Infinity Journal Special Edition, “International Relations in Professional Military Education,” winter 2016, pages 50-55.