Volume 4, Issue 1

Do Something: A model for the development of 21st Century Strategy

Kevin C.M. Benson
U.S. Army
University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies
Fort Leavenworth

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About The Author

Bryan Groves is pursuing a PhD in national security policy at Duke University’s Sanford School for Public Policy. He holds a Master’s degree from Yale and has been an Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences Department at West Point. There he taught international relations, terrorism and counterterrorism, and was the Deputy Director of the Combating Terrorism Center. He has published in numerous journals including Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, the Central European Journal of International and Security Studies, the InterAgency Journal, and the Journal of Strategic Security. He is an Army Special Forces officer and Strategist, worked the Iraq transition in the State Department, and has served in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Groves is pursuing his PhD as a member of the School for Advanced Military Studies’ (SAMS) Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program (ASP3).

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Benson, Kevin C.M., “Do Something: A model for the development of 21st Century Strategy,” Infinity Journal, Volume 4, Issue 1, summer 2014, pages 14-16.