"The Strategy Bridge"

Anachronism and Strategic History

Jeremy Black
University of Exeter
United Kingdom

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About The Author

Professor Jeremy Black (MBE) is an historian and Professor of History at the University of Exeter. He is a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of America and the West at the Foreign Policy Research Institute. He is the author of nearly 100 books, focusing primarily on eighteenth century British politics and international relations. His works include Using History, Rethinking Military History, European Warfare, 1660-1815, Britain As A Military Power, 1688-1815, and The Great War and the Making of the Modern World. His newest book is Europe and the World, 1650-1830, which was published in 2013 by Routledge.

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Black, Jeremy, “Anachronism and Strategic History”, Infinity Journal, The Strategy Bridge Special Edition, March 2014, pages 26-28.