"The Strategy Bridge"

Relativity and Negotiation: Core Elements of a General Theory of Strategy

Nathan K. Finney
US Army
Washington D.C.

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About The Author

Nathan K. Finney is a U.S. Army Strategist and a member of Infinity Journal’s Special Advisory Group. He has written on issues that involve strategy, building partner capacity, security sector reform, security force assistance and the integration of civilian and military agencies. Some of his publications have been incorporated into university and military education syllabi on both sides of the Atlantic. Nathan also edits The Bridge, a blog on strategy and security affairs at http://medium.com/the-bridge, and tweets under the handle @bareftstratgist.

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Finney, Nathan K., “Relativity and Negotiation: Core Elements of a General Theory of Strategy”, Infinity Journal, The Strategy Bridge Special Edition, March 2014, pages 22-25.