Volume 3, Issue 3

The Weinberger Doctrine: A Celebration

Patrick Porter
University of Reading

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About The Author

Dr Patrick Porter is a Reader in War and International Security at the University of Reading. Originally from Australia, Patrick graduated from the University of Melbourne. He then completed a doctorate at the University of Oxford. His research interests are diplomatic and strategic history, US and UK grand strategy, the history of geopolitical and strategic thought, and the relationship between war and Orientalism. Patrick’s first book was published in 2009 by Columbia University Press and Hurst, Military Orientalism: Eastern War through Western Eyes. He has published in International Affairs, War in History, Diplomacy and Statecraft, War and Society, Historical Research, Security Dialogue, Parameters, the RUSI Journal, the Journal of Religious History and Peace Review, and has written op-eds for Le Monde Diplomatique and the Guardian. Patrick is a fellow of the UK Chief of the Defence Staff’s Strategic Forum. He is now writing The Global Village Myth: War, Distance and the Limits of Power to be published with Georgetown University Press.

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Porter, Patrick, “The Weinberger Doctrine: A Celebration”, Infinity Journal, Volume 3, Issue No. 3, Summer 2013, pages 8-11.